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Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Hey all youse guys and goils out there in internet-land, I'm looking for some RARE old Klaw serials to trade scans for, or if need be, I can trade you 'even' for some of my RARE originals. I'm looking for the stuff from 40's, 50's and 60's.
Like the Bizarre Comix, by - of which I have already.

If you have something RARE that you think NOBODY else has, or if you are looking for a particular series... drop me a private message.

One way or another, I'll make it worth your while.

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Okay, so, I think I'm a safe driver. I try to think ahead, I always look ahead, I always know what's to my sides and rear as I drive along.
Last night I had to go in to work earlier then my usual start time. I was pulling out right at the height of Rush hour, which I try to avoid due to the extra amount of assholes on the road. When I pulled out of my driveway, it was as sunny as could be, and pouring rain at the same time.
I thought, Huh... Odd type of Sunshower.
As I got 1/2 mile from my house, I notice several cars pulled over in odd places, and folks of all sorts have their phones or cameras out. So, I turn my head about 180 degrees to see what the fuss was all about.
Directly above my house, behind me, is a HUGE, very bright Rainbow, stretching across the sky.
I think, Neato. I probably would have taken a photo also, if I had a camera, but my cell phone SUCKS for taking photos.
So, I continue along, not really giving the Rainbow a second thought.
I get to a busy intersection a mile away, and I'm the first car at the red light. The light turns green and I pull out. There was a car, way off to my left, about a quarter mile away, speeding at 55 MPH in the 40 MPH zone, but I assumed the car would slow down, like they always do there, and I was looking at the other side of the road, to my right, at all the cars driving into the setting sun, as I made the left turn in front of them. They were all slowing down, so I turned to look at the far off, approaching speeding car, who had not slowed down in the least little bit and was about to T -bone me in my driver's side door at 55 MPH. I laid on my airhorns (which I had installed in my jeep) and the car's tires suddenly screeched and the car skidded on the wet road, went sideways and stopped with the driver's side corner of their car about 2 feet from slamming into the driver's side door of my bright Red Jeep Cherokee. Which would have made a nice V shaped dent right where I sat.

I didn't freak out. I think to myself: "Well FUCK, that was close... Ya dumbass!" (Meaning, Myself.)

The other driver was looking at the big pretty Rainbow...and NOT at the red light...or ME pulling out into the intersection.
But I should have given the situation a second thought, BEFORE I pulled into traffic.
It was a possibility. 
I wondering if the Coroner's final report on my fatality would have said: "Death By Rainbow."


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My Bio? I was born, then somewhere, sometime later, I'll die.
The middle part? I tried to have fun along the way.


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I'll try to keep up the quality. 
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