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Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Hey all youse guys and goils out there in internet-land, I'm looking for some RARE old Klaw serials to trade scans for, or if need be, I can trade you 'even' for some of my RARE originals. I'm looking for the stuff from 40's, 50's and 60's.
Like the Bizarre Comix, by - of which I have already.

If you have something RARE that you think NOBODY else has, or if you are looking for a particular series... drop me a private message.

One way or another, I'll make it worth your while.

What to continue with next? 

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Ok, I'm 'laid back' about pretty much everything.
I don't stress out.
Life, well, it is what it is. Bitchin' about doesn't change it.
We all make choices, all day long, for every day of our lives, that eventually get you to this very point in time, reading this drivel.
I have nobody to blame but myself for where I am or what I'm doing at any giving time.
Somehow, I made the choices that got me here.

Now, that said, I just wanted to share my day.
The Lesbian farmer I haul produce for has been away for a few days. She is a micro manager of every aspect of her 5000 acre farm.
So, her being called away has caused some rifts in the flow of things.
4 days ago when she left, she asked me if I could drop off my truck and trailer, so her minions could load the trailer as the day progressed.
" problem."
It was a big pain in the ass. I had to leave the truck at the farm, get a ride to my car, then drive to the truck that night in my Jeep and eventually get a ride BACK to my Jeep again, but it was not the end of the world.
So anyway, I was NOT around to watch what they put on the trailer. They loaded my trailer to the back doors with a heavy load of tomatoes, and told me it has only 2 types of tomatoes on board.
The paperwork said the same. I looked inside and it appeared to be fine.
Okay, I pull out, check the truck over and off I go.
 At the warehouse delivery, they call me inside at 4:00 AM, after they checked the numbers. 
The warehouse guys point out that I had 6 pallets, about $7000.00 worth of tomatoes..EXTRA on the truck. Instead of just 2 types of tomatoes the paperwork said, I instead had 4 types of tomatoes. There were 3 pallets of Heirlooms and 3 pallets of Field Tomatoes that weren't supposed to be on truck.
"Ok.." I said, " throw them on my truck and I'll take them back."
"Well, we might have ordered them. We won't know until around 10 AM when the buyer comes in."
"That's 6 hours from now! Well, how about this..You guys KEEP the tomatoes, and toss those 6 pallets on the side, and let me get the hell out of here. There is one of the Farmer's own trucks coming here at 8 am...if they don't belong, you can throw them on HIS truck to take back to the farm and meanwhile, you will have the dock space available that I'm currently parked in.."
And they liked that idea.
They had to get approval from the supervisors, but eventually it was okayed.
And All was well for me. I got to leave only an hour later, instead of many hours later.

I called the farmer up, informed her of what was going on, and I informed her that the main supervisor was NOT happy with the constant count mistakes being made by her guys every single night..(not with my loads, but with the farmer's trucks.)
I explained the guy was nice enough to let me leave, but he wasn't happy about the whole situation.

So, instead of saying "Okay!".. She said, "FUCK THAT SUPERVISOR!" and both her and her sister called the warehouse all day long and bitched at them about holding me up for an hour.

So, yesterday, I did another load for them, and the count was off because one pallet was mismarked. Every box had the wrong label. And I never noticed the wrong type tomato was inside the boxes. (I never had to look inside the boxes before.)

This is a problem that comes from having guys from South America doing work, yet they speak and read NO English.
The wrong labels can get placed on boxes.
I explained they were probably sent by mistake due to the labels being wrong, and to just throw them on my truck and I'll take them back.

BUT, because the Farmer women had all called several times and complained to the warehouse big wigs, instead of FIXING the problems on their end, the supervisor was pissed off and he held my truck up until the next delivery arrived, to see if the paperwork THAT truck had, contained the extra tomatoes I had on board. Which it did not.
And because it was Sunday, the buyers who do the ordering are almost impossible to get in touch with.
So, they held my truck at the dock, then the next truck the farm sent also did not have proper paperwork, so they held him up too, then the NEXT Farm truck after that.
Until every single piece was counted on all 4 trucks. And no surprise, the tomatoes I had were indeed mismarked, and had to be sent back.

I was the first to arrive, so I was there for 9 hours..8 of which were just waiting.

And what did the farmer do?
 She told me THEY would be hearing about the delay in the main office on Monday morning!

Ugggghhhhh..'m stuck in the middle of this pissing war between the Angry Lesbian and the Dock Supervisor.

The only thing I can do: I'm gonna be checking every single box to make sure I have the correct type of tomatoes loaded from now on. It's NOT my job, but as long as my paperwork is perfect, they have no reason to hold me up.

I do this, all for the same flat fee I get paid to do this fucking load.
Yup, that 8 hour delay. I don't get a penny extra for it. (But I'm gonna hit the farmer up for it, see if she pays.)

And of course, I had a truck with No A/C and I did not bring my laptop. So that was a really long 8 hours cooking in the sun, or standing in the 40 degree warehouse shivering.

Anyways...I will never understand exactly how the female mind works.

It just baffles me when stuff I think is simple suddenly goes completely sideways due to a female getting involved.
Don't complain. Just fix it!


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Bio? I was born, then somewhere, sometime later, I'll die.
The middle part? I tried to have fun along the way.


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