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Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Hey all youse guys and goils out there in internet-land, I'm looking for some RARE old Klaw serials to trade scans for, or if need be, I can trade you 'even' for some of my RARE originals. I'm looking for the stuff from 40's, 50's and 60's.
Like the Bizarre Comix, by - of which I have already.

If you have something RARE that you think NOBODY else has, or if you are looking for a particular series... drop me a private message.

One way or another, I'll make it worth your while.

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So, sometimes, I work for the lesbian farmer on the side.
Last week I agreed to take a load of produce in her truck to some place 90 minutes away.
Then she calls me and tell me the load has changed, and she wanted me to instead take a load of produce to a place 4 hours away.
This is the old "Bait and Switch" game, which seems to happen to me a lot. Usually I don't care, but I had no address. She just gave me a company name, and the town it was in and the delivery time. I asked the farmer for more info. She said, "I have nothing else, we have never been there before."
 I looked it up, found the place, called, but of course nobody was there at 3 AM.
So I drove 4.5 hours to the only address I had and arrived 10 minutes before they opened at 8 AM.
 But nobody arrived until 8:30, and then they told me I was at the main office, and NOT where they wanted the produce sent to. So, I had to drive another 40 minutes to a warehouse. I get there, and it's all busy. I have to wait to get unloaded, but it finally happens.
Then I had to drive to another place 30 minutes away to pick up cardboard boxes.
Except the truck I was in had a very low roof.
The pallets were doubled up, strapped and glued together. but they would not fit into the truck. I call the farmer, say "What the hell?!"
She said "Oh, I forgot you were in the low roof truck. See what you can do. I really need ALL those boxes"
So I hand loaded about 9000 pounds of cardboard boxes to make them all fit in the truck.
(The old "Bait and Switch" game. I never learn. )
Ahh, it was truly a nothing thing. I was there anyway. The guy running the forklift was not thrilled, but hey, I made 19 pallets fit on a 11 pallet truck. Even the forklift guy didn't think I could make them all fit.

OMG, what a pain in the ass. My arms were hurting on those last two pallets, so the forklift guy helped me lift them up to the ceiling.
He said, "Yano, you are gonna have to unload these boxes the same way you loaded them."
I said "NOT ME! I just gotta get them on this truck somehow, someway. The farm workers can unload them."
On the way back, the truck's fuel filter was getting clogged up. It had no power. I was topping the big hills doing maybe 40 MPH, and there were a LOT of hills along the 280 mile return trip. The last two mountains I had to climb, the truck was doing 30 MPH, but fuck it. I was almost home. I kept it limping along.
When I finally got back home, it was 18 hours after I left, and I never took a break the entire day, except to wait for a dock to open up.

Anyways, the farmer was forever grateful... but that only lasts until she gets mad at me for something else.



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temudjin1155 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
Thank you !
3DErotic Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for watching!!
AshBond Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch and the fave of my Balanced!
Doggers Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You have a lot of great drawings. I'm jealous.

(I need to figure out how to paint up mine.)

BTW, Here's my latest:
Dogrs-Hold_That _Pose by Doggers
AshBond Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all don't be jealous of any one else's work. Be inspired, or determined to do what they do, but don't forget we all have a style of our own. It just takes time usually to find it.

Second, I like your drawing. It is a complex arrangement anatomically-speaking and you have done well with the curves. You aren't asking for a critique but the only thing I would say is the knee is a tad thick. But I think the foreshortening is good and you have used curves well to show the shape. I might fear for the model's fingers taking so much weight but this is art so we can get away with a generous approach. Well done.

when it comes to colouring use a program or app with layers. For safety duplicate the original art layer or if you can lock it to prevent damaging it (for art you may want to guarantee preservation, duplicate the whole file) once you have generated new layers apply the paint or colour wash to the new layers and then erase away any surplus or excess. It might help to have several layers, so  layer one is flesh, the second hair, the third background, the fourth for shadows and so on. Arrange the layers by dragging them to the right order, so flesh above background, shadows on top of flesh and hair the topmost in my example.

experiment with blending modes if available; multiply will darken the darker colours but do less to lighter colours. Also, if layers have opacity don't be afraid to lower opacity for a better effect. Good luck!
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