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Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Hey all youse guys and goils out there in internet-land, I'm looking for some RARE old Klaw serials to trade scans for, or if need be, I can trade you 'even' for some of my RARE originals. I'm looking for the stuff from 40's, 50's and 60's.
Like the Bizarre Comix, by - of which I have already.

If you have something RARE that you think NOBODY else has, or if you are looking for a particular series... drop me a private message.

One way or another, I'll make it worth your while.

What to continue with next? 

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So...ughhhhh ...  where to begin?
Welp....the lesbian farmer called boss,  begging him to drop off a trailer so she could take her time and load it all day long.

(SIDE NOTE: I'm currently fighting with boss on pay right when he asked me to do this tedious shit.. which apparently is a "FREE BEE"  I said Nope.. go do it yourself.)
Now...when I drop a trailer at this farm..I spend 45 minutes setting trailer wheels up on wood blocks so trailer is high enough to open doors when it is backed against concrete docks.
Boss says to himself...(To save time, I'll just leave truck and keys for tractor...they can pull it out themselves and close swinging doors. Then I have No need to bring, and place wood blocks under wheels. That takes forever to do!)

Which, the lesbian farmer did. She pulled trailer out. And that's all she was supposed to do. Close the doors, then back truck to dock and I'd pick it up. But she decided to drive it across the highway to her other farm.
Now mind you..the trailer is 53 feet long...and her driveway is a very long, snaky, windy type thing. It is really tough to navigate..even for a guy like me...with 33 years of experience.
I can only go there with a certain tractor to pull the trailer, because the longer trucks will not make it out.

Hours later. she calls ME up..cause boss is off to bed, or drinking or whatever..either way..he is NOT answering his phone.

"Why won't the trailer move?"
I said "Explain a little more to me."
"Well..I pulled out of dock..and closed doors..and now it won't move at all!"
So I asked usual questions.. Are brakes okay> Any air leaks? > Air lines hooked up? >  Did ya hit anything?
She had no clue. "It just won't move!"
I said .. "Ummm.. leave it alone..I'll be there in 20 minutes."

20 minutes later..with flashlight in hand, I find the big, long ass truck and trailer, halfway down her very steep, snake like driveway, and the right side is up ON A FUCKING STONE WALL.
I had to crawl into over grown weeds and bushes to actually see what was going on.
It won't move cause it's jammed UP on the wall.

Uggghhhhhh Fucking Women drivers!
I can't go forward. I crawl under the trailer with the big flash light again.
It's not PRETTY. The rim is bent to hell. The tire has air in it..but a piece of the sharp slate wall is digging very deep into the tire where the rim is bent. The truck and trailer are on a VERY steep downward grade. The Trailer is packed to rear doors with heavy tomatoes. 
It's hopelessly wedged between the stone wall and granite block. I inform the farmer of this.
She says "Well, we need to move it!"
The moment I try to BACK it up 1 inch.. the tire blows out.
 Farmer is standing right there..."OOOOhhh YOU blew OUT the TIRE!"
I said.."NO!  YOU BLEW the driving trailer up onto a stone wall!
There is NO way I am taking blame for this."

And the battle begins. She admitted fault quickly afterwards, 'cause she realized I'd never give in.

Anyways.. 2 hours later..I had a used tire and a used rim and was ready to roll.
All paid for by farmer.

AND..Apparently..another 3 hours of my life given away 'for free"

Ugggghhhhh   I keep telling myself..I love my job...I love my job... But damn.. I am not very convincing! 

Last night at warehouse..I met two newish local guys..who took down my number. They just stood, open mouthed and in amazement of what I deal with every day.
I asked.."Hey. Ya looking for some decent driving help?"

So. who knows, maybe I'll have a better job on the horizon.


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My Bio? I was born, then somewhere, sometime later, I'll die.
The middle part? I tried to have fun along the way.


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