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Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Klaw / Nutrix / Mutrix Serials...???

Hey all youse guys and goils out there in internet-land, I'm looking for some RARE old Klaw serials to trade scans for, or if need be, I can trade you 'even' for some of my RARE originals. I'm looking for the stuff from 40's, 50's and 60's.
Like the Bizarre Comix, by - of which I have already.

If you have something RARE that you think NOBODY else has, or if you are looking for a particular series... drop me a private message.

One way or another, I'll make it worth your while.

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Koda has been acting weird. I've been keeping a close eye on him, and as soon as I suspected it wasn't going away, I took him to the HUGE, super expensive vet up the road from me.
 They gave me a new vet doc, who totally ignored what I said, and he didn't even test him for LYME disease, which is what I told them I suspected it is, and then he told me it was probably a stomach thing. He put him on some antibiotics for the stomach thing.
 That was a day and half ago. Last night I could barely get him to eat hamburger and boiled chicken. And he won't drink.
 Today, he's sore all over, barely moving due to the pain. I stopped giving him the Metronitazole, and I'm taking him to a different vet.

The new vet that I REALLY like, is of course, away at a convention until Monday.
So, I'm calling up pet owners and friends, asking everyone around, trying to find someone 'good' to take him to.
I called 3 recommended veterinary's, got an earlier appointment at each one, and then called my old vet, who finally answered the phone and said they'd squeeze me in at 10:15 AM

So that's where we are off to in an hour.
If they don't have something good to tell me, I will keep the next appointment.


Update: It is LYME Disease. He has it BAD.
The vet prescribed a very strong antibiotic, but due to his small size, under 15 pounds..NOBODY, including the vet, had the smaller dose of drugs needed in stock.
I had to find a special pharmacy that will actually MAKE the drugs up as you wait...the wait was 6 hours due to it being Friday, and this place being crazy busy, and the patient was 'just a dog'.
They told me it would be between 6 and 7 hours before it was made up. I was there exactly 5 1/2 hours later, stood in a very long line at the counter, and the drugs were just brought out as I got to the register.
I went outside and stuffed one down the dog's throat.
Then I stopped by the dog park, seeing as it was along my way home. Koda saw one of his best doggy friends, so they hung out, and Moose had fun chasing tennis balls. Koda is still hurting all over. He was limping all around, but after a while he seemed almost normal. He was still limping, but at least he wasn't walking like Frankenstien's first steps.
 Then I went food shopping on the way home and bought him 93% ground beef. I cooked that up as soon as we got home and added rice and mashed potatoes to it.
I added a lot of water to it it to make it all mushy.
And he ate almost all of it up. It's the first time he ate in 20 hours.
YAY again!
He's sleeping next to me right now. I set him up on a big fluffy comforter. But every time he moves the slightest bit, he cries out in pain.

Oh yeah, while in the middle of waiting for the drugs to get made up, work called. I had to say Nope!
And I could really use the money. I spent over $500 on Koda already this week.

Anyway, I'll keep you all informed as to how he is doing.

Just read the comments for the updates.


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